The beginning

2:47 PM

I don't intend for this to be a mommy blog, more of a documentation of my journey from being a self-indulgent grad student to an indulgent working woman with responsibilities - one of which is an awesome baby girl.

This is where I write long rambling posts about balancing between wants and needs, choosing between new Lemaire flats and buying that dress my child will outgrow in 2 months or between putting more money into our mortgage and 529. I come from a position of extreme privilege, and I acknowledge that; this blog will indeed reek of it. But it is my intention to keep things as real as possible while maintaining some semblance of privacy.

I'm veering from my long-time blog Assembled Hazardly mostly because I feel I've outgrown being in a fashion niche - that blog was never intended to be a style blog but it somehow morphed into one. There are thousands of blogs out there talking about motherhood and conscious consumption and a billion things that I'll be writing about so I'm not sure what will set this blog apart other than hopefully some thought-invoking posts.

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